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Dune (1984)

In the year 10,191, the world is at war for control of the desert planet Arrakis—the only place where the space-travel substance Melange 'Spice' can be found. But when one leader gives up control, it's only so he can stage a coup with some unsavory characters. prophecy, witch, based on novel or book, monster, telepathy, atomic bomb, space marine, traitor, emperor, mutation, future, insurgence, space war, space travel, guild, duke, chosen one, galaxy, invasion, dystopia, jihad, spice, army, epic, steampunk, empire, rebellion, conflict, execution, explosion, fictional war, drugs, desert, based on graphic novel, giant worm, space opera, future war, messiah, denunciation, lies

Released: Dec 14, 1984


Genre: , ,

Stars: Kyle MacLachlan, Francesca Annis, Patrick Stewart, Linda Hunt, José Ferrer, Leonardo Cimino, Freddie Jones, Brad Dourif, Richard Jordan, Virginia Madsen, Silvana Mangano

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